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"[Harold and Melinda] were excellent!!! Despite being on one hour of sleep, the instructors were able to keep my attention throughout the entire 2 day class. Best class in a very long time!" (Police detective/NEMRT student)

"I attended one of your NEMRT classes for child abuse investigations a month or two ago...I did some roll call training with my shift using the information I learned from your class. My Sergeant was impressed and asked me to go over the information with the rest of the department. I've shared the Vital Information by Injury handout and now everyone carries one in their paperwork. Thank you again for the great information and class!" (Police Detective/NEMRT student)

"I valued my experience with Professor Gronen immensely and learned more in her class than I think I will in any other class here. THANK YOU for teaching me how to connect theory with practice and to be the best possible resource for families!"

(University of Chicago graduate student)


"[Harold and Melinda's] knowledge and attitude! Their desire to teach is palpable and contagious. The case studies are especially interesting and helpful..."

(Police detective/NEMRT student)

"Professor Gronen is definitely my favorite teacher! She is extremely intelligent and knowledgable...she is easy to talk to and a genuinely good person. Amazing class!"

(University of Illinois at Chicago graduate student)



“I am writing to say thank you on behalf of the students and employees at Neal Math and Science Academy for providing such an incredible experience for those involved in the Upstanding Police Program.  I have heard nothing but terrific things from the students…and how much they enjoyed…being actively involved in the fingerprinting and crime scene investigation field trip.” (Assistant Executive Director, North Chicago Community Partners) 




"Melinda is an excellent presenter! I appreciated her non-judgmental, very real, and down to earth approach." (Community Violence Conference Participant)



“I have known and worked with Harold for 15 years…he is a bright, energetic, dedicated and innovative person and police officer…who demonstrates a strong commitment to serving the needs of the youth in the community…and understands the importance of working together to make a change. It has been an honor to supervise and work with an individual of such charisma and professionalism.”

(Retired Police Commander)



"I learned more in one of Melinda's eight hour child abuse trainings than I did in ten years as a DCFS intact worker!" (Lurie Children's Hospital Social Worker)


"Detective Rollins has been committed from the very beginning as he realized the true value of programs like these to the youth of the community...his dedication to the welfare of children is evident from the moment you meet him and he is a blessing..." (Co-founder of Holy Spokes youth bike repair mentoring program)




"Every agency should be lucky enough to benefit from one of Melinda's trainings. Her knowledge is extensive and she knows how to connect with staff. I have never met anyone so passionate about keeping kids safe!" (DCFS supervisor)


"Detective Rollins...thank you for all you do behind the scenes to make sure children and families are safe in their communities...I can't thank you enough for your collaborative efforts in bringing unique and wonderful programs to students!" (Assistant Executive Director, North Chicago Community Partners)


"The programs Melinda creates are perfect for the population we serve and are innovative and evidence based. She has an unmatched ability to conceptualize the needs of families and staff. She is guaranteed to systematically make it happen with great success!" (Lurie Children's Hospital physician)


"Det. Rollins and Melinda...Thank you so much for bringing the fun, yet informative Upstanding Police Students Program to Neal Math and Science Academy...There were plenty of best practices and activities…the students really opened up to you all very quickly and were all wanting to participate. The first course…really allowed the students to share their honest opinions of themselves as well as other community members and provided the ideal environment for students to take ownership of their own actions. Having experts like you teach students about police officers and social workers will create a deeper understanding and respect for both occupations. They will be able to look at police officers not as enemy, but as people who are available to assist them and look out for their safety. Providing knowledge about social workers will also help students to feel comfortable going to an expert in a time of need.” (North Chicago Community Partners Staff)




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