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What We  Do

Caped Crusader Consulting specializes in optimizing your organization's preparedness to effectively respond to any issues of child & staff safety. We provide expert and individualized consulting, staff training, program development, safety assessment, and emergency response planning.  Through collaborative partnerships with your staff, we assist you in developing and implementing proactive policies and responses for any incidents of school & community violence your organization may encounter. We have a strong track record of working with schools, hospitals, police departments, community agencies, summer and activity camps, and religious organizations across the country.

Creating A New Standard of Excellence

Parents and staff have high standards and expectations of the organizations they choose to provide care to their most valuable family members. In light of ongoing world events, how to enhance the safety and security of children and staff in every setting is at the forefront of national debate.  Having clear emergency plans, policies, and thorough staff training will set your organization apart from the rest. Is your organization ready to demonstrate that you value the highest standard of safety for the children and staff you serve?


Becoming a "Super Advocate" for Kids
Anyone who is passionate in their work with children and adolescents has the goal of maximizing the safety and well being of all participants. It is inevitable that crisis situations will arise that leave staff and kids feeling unprepared and in harm's way. Caped Crusader Consulting will prepare everyone in your organization to become "Super Advocates" for kids by working to develop clear and specialized plans of action for any safety issue that can impact your program.


PROGRAM SPOTLIGHT:​Upstanding Police Students (UPS) Program

Through the use of experienced speakers and innovative activities, UPS is designed for at risk middle school students. UPS increases their knowledge and positive engagement with law enforcement and provides exposure to a potential career path. This program works with students at a critical point in their moral and social development with the goal to increase skills of effective collaboration with police, positive decision making, respect of authority, and becoming a positive student leader in their school and community.


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